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A New Look at STEM


When people mention STEM, lots of girls automatically think that it implies sitting in front of a computer programming all day, or working in a lab, analyzing test results. Bo-ring! However, this is not the case. There are a lot of different opportunities in the STEM field, and many creative people are very successful in this field. For example, last year, there was a group of high school girls from Charlotte, North Carolina that wanted to make a difference in the world. They developed a design and prototype for a desk that generates power for the classroom, and planned to implant their invention in schools in Africa.

Many girls do not realize how many different types of engineering jobs there are in the world. Another example of this is in a company - Scotts Miracle Gro. Last year I visited them to learn about the different types of engineers in the company. One of the engineers was a packaging engineer. She designed the most efficient way to package soil that the chemical engineers produced, as well as working with the marketing department to create an appealing design for the package.

Even the White House is making an effort to promote girls in STEM. Statistics show that girls with careers in the STEM field earn about 33% more than any other field. In 2009, President Obama made one of his goals to move students in the United States to the top in math and science over the next ten years. NASA and Girl Scouts have even begun a collaboration to encourage girls to try STEM and increase the number of girls in the field.

There are engineers for every subject possible, and the opportunities are endless. I also read about a girl in high school who received $100,000 for her potential cure for cancer. The next girl could be you. There are contests and competitions everywhere for new scientific discoveries and studies. If you are passionate about a subject, there is nothing stopping you from looking further into it and becoming the next girl to make a difference.

About Ellora Majumder:

I'm just a regular teenage girl that loves reading, writing, and fashion. In fact, I have my own blog dedicated to book and fashion reviews. I love singing, whether it is in the shower or for a competition, and spend my free time listening to music as well. I love the color Aquamarine and my favorite animals are dolphins. So, that's a little bit about me, and I hope to tell you more about myself through my writing! Visit my website and submit book reviews at

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